Journey of coral discovery!

Come along on a 1,000-mile adventure as researchers explore the depths of the Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean along Alaska's Aleutian Island chain. Their quest: to record images of never-before seen deep-sea corals and create a comprehensive map of coral life along the ocean floor.

This site was created as a record of that summer expedition.

Multimedia: Movies, audio and pictures from the cruise
"Dumbo" octopus
Posted 08.07.04 at 7:18 pm

View video of corals and other creatures from the ocean floor, hear interviews with scientists and see what life is like aboard a research vessel in the multimedia gallery.

Get more audio, photos and movies in the Multimedia archive

What's a research cruise like?
From July 24 to August 8, 2004, NOAA coral researchers invited Alaska Science Outreach reporter Sonya Senkowsky to join them on the R/V Roger Revelle, where she spent two weeks following the science team's progress.

Where were we?  
See notes on our location, weather conditions and sights as we moved through the Aleutian Chain, land of fog, albatrosses -- and volcanos. When there wasn't time for a full journal entry, Where Are We Now is the place we put ourselves on the map and jotted a few notes to let people at home know what was going on:

Where Are We Now: Diving in Amchitka Pass 
Diving in Amchitka Pass
Posted 08.02.04 at 8:38 pm
Location: Amchitka Pass
Shortly after dinner, Jason II dove into glassy seas; we are still surrounded by fog. The TV monitors show an even eerier landscape more than a mile below, where it looks as if someone stuck hundreds of oversized pencils, point down, into the mud.

Cruise Journal
What did researchers do and why were they doing it? Read the journal entries to follow the events, lessons and discoveries of the cruise from the perspective of the cruise reporter and scientists who contributed guest entries. Start with the sample entry below or go to the journal archive:

Journal entry: Jason hits a snag
Posted 08.09.04 at 1:26 am -- A derelict fishing line cuts short a Jason dive, but biologists find a bounty of specimens in the rope.

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You may enjoy wandering through this site — or, for a more directed tour, use the Exploring Aleutian Corals Tour Guide, available from the resources page.


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