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Scientists are taking Aleutian deep-sea coral research to new depths. Using the remotely operated, deep-diving vehicle Jason II, they are documenting coral habitat along a previously unexplored ocean floor.

The expedition seeks to document Aleutian coral habitats deeper than ever before. The cruise is part of an ambitious effort to begin to create a comprehensive map of coral life along the chain's seafloor.

The 2004 Jason II mission is funded by the West Coast and Polar Regions Undersea Research Center, one of six regional centers in NOAA's Undersea Research Program. The 2004 cruise is one piece of a multi-year, ongoing study funded by the North Pacific Research Board and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries, with support from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

Media: To request interviews or additional information about the cruise, see the NOAA Fisheries cruise press release.

Researchers will use the remotely operated vessel ("ROV") Jason II to explore Aleutian corals deeper than ever before. Jason II is shown here during an unrelated expedition.

Photo by Dan Fornari / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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