For a more directed tour of this site, download the Exploring Aleutian Corals Tour Guide. This activity sheet will help readers (grades 5 and up) understand the scientific processes and procedures behind the expedition. Consider exploring the site both ways. Compare what you learn. However you choose to explore, enjoy your journey, and enjoy your discoveries!

You may view the guide from your computer. Or, if you wish to print it out, download it as a Word or PDF file.

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Parents and educators seeking more resources for discussing the Corals of the Aleutians cruise may find the following information on corals and ocean exploration useful. (Links are for informational purposes only and do not imply endorsement.)

Woods Hole Sea Education Association
Lots of activities for K-12. Many of them are hands on experiences, demonstrations or simulations. Includes activities on marine biology, oceanography, navigation and ecology.

"Sustainable Seas Expeditions: Teacher Resource Book," Sustainable Seas Expeditions, National Geographic Society (with Sylvia Earle) and NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries, 1999. Contains activities on submersible technology and design, sea floor mapping and conservation biology focused on the National Marine Sanctuaries. Write Sustainable Seas Expeditions, 735 State St., Suite 305, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 or phone (805) 963-3238.

Coral Reef Information System—CoRIS
An informational site by NOAA that includes glossary, data, taxonomic lists and information on conservation efforts. Focus is on tropical coral reefs.

"The Incredible Coral Reef," Toni Albert. Award winning book about coral for grades 3-8.

NOAA Ocean Explorer
NOAA Ocean Explorer provides public access to current information on a series of NOAA scientific and educational ocean explorations, including more than 100 lesson plans developed by scientists and educators.

Check back after the cruise for more activities/resources specifically related to 2004 explorations.

Alaska Fisheries Science Center Auke Bay Laboratory

West Coast and Polar Regions Undersea Research Center

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

North Pacific Research Board

NPRB proposal (pdf); (item RO304)

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